Types of Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers are a great way to protect your cargo while driving. Truck beds often shift and are susceptible to wind and weather, so truck covers are a great way to keep your supplies secure and protected. 

These covers also look great on your truck and can be installed by a DIY enthusiast in an hour or less. Most cover designs are adjustable, so you can easily adjust them to fit the shape of your pickup bed. They are easy to use and install yourself.

The A.R.E. line of tonneau covers features a patented design that makes it easier to open and close. The innovative design of the tonneau cover allows for quick loading and unloading. The body turns your truck bed into an organized toolbox and keeps dust out. The A.R.E. 3DL Series comes with hinged doors and keeps your tools safe. They come with a lifetime warranty and can be purchased for your truck online or from a local dealer.

There are several different types of tonneau covers. Electric retractable tonneaus are the easiest to use. They retract into a canister in the front of your truck and can be stopped in five positions. The best way to get the right fit and function is to buy the same type of tonneau cover as your truck. Buying one compatible with your vehicle will ensure a better fit and greater functionality.

Tonneau covers have come a long way from the snap-in versions. Advances in materials and design have led to creating the latest generation of truck bed covers. Aluminum and advanced compositing techniques have made tonneau covers more durable and resistant to bad weather. Most current-gen bodies have more secure latches, and the material is also more durable. Besides, they can also come in paint matched and matte black, so your truck can be easily identified.

Roll-up tonneau covers are the most common type of tonneau cover. They are usually made of cloth or vinyl and have a rib-like structure. A hard-roll-up tonneau is firmer and has an aluminum wall. The best roll-up tonneau covers are also made of aluminum. They are made from either plastic or aluminum. The material used in these models will depend on your needs. They can be secured with screws or with a permanent adhesive.

Some of the best-selling tonneau covers are available from a variety of manufacturers. The Gator EFX is one of the best-selling options in the industry. This folding cover comprises sturdy aluminum panels with a polymer top surface that resists heat, scratches, and dents. Its hinged design makes it easy to open from either side of the bed. Many tonneau covers have locks on the front, which makes them more secure.